A Promise from Now

High up on that book shelf, No

Higher up, still Higher



Here it is,

You were not looking for that but you have found this

Now You hold this,


Take this moment

Give this, these and those back

To where


What do I get?


Returning, it does not matter.

Its insignificance is significant for Everyone.

The others may not understand, comprehend and/or fathom

The others matter, too

They don’t get what they don’t get

You must understand.

Underestimating understanding ultimately leads unto dark,

Ignorance isn’t blissful if followed by brandished blasphemy

Can you feel that?

of course…

Off and on course are often synonymous

Do your thoughts hurt?

The sunlit pasture is beneath our feet,

The glare in your eyes

A promise



Author: Russ Palmer Silberman

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