Basket of Deplorables, a Love Story

Basket of deplorable personas

People right up until nurture took over for human nature

Tell me about blood shed before you routed the roots of your family tree

Bleeding over a fear of change and knowing no repercussions

No laws, all freedom? Ignorance spread over wild bond fires binding those who followed the herd that followed what was heard from those that never listened.

History repeats due to consistent inconsistencies in force fed beliefs believed by those temporarily powerful

Toppling towers to tip the balance



Break the barriers of love, language,


We are all the same perfect person with immaterial imperfections

The farmer shows his blemishes, his scarred, scared hands

to the CEO who then shows her own blemishes, her broken heart

They share this with each other growing love for one another

Then look into the mirror realizing the sister and brother walking the bridge together(hand in hand) are family

As You’re Told | EXPLICIT

When they went to the beach there was nothing left

Everyone was there

Everyone Was

They ate the life from The Sea until it became an ocean to cross

Othersided we walk

You’ve seen the pathways

You have run upon them

not on them.

can’t have them

Above and beyond is not always open and wide

Vacuum clean imagined futures until hypothetically palpable

Climb a tangent until you broke the branch

Break the branch off

Is dinner over.

May I be excused?

Curtsy like the facetious fuck that you are

Slightly pulling skirts up can be believed courteous while known to falsify the norms of courtesy

Breath into a brown paper bag insulated by plastic

Suffocated life as an orange dripping juices

punctuated sponge

Spangle the banner

Right until seeing stars,

Up above what?


that’s a good boy

Do unto others as you’re told to do

Because I said,”so”.

Author: Russ Palmer Silberman

Universal Breath

Dream a dream to never die

The dreams I have

I can’t disguise,

Before the sun is long above

Beach waves shimmer out pure love

Pour your poor soul into the thermos

Maintaining its God given temperature and viscosity

Pillage a mansion to reawaken rooms

Once told stories may become stories untold if lost within the universal landfill

Glorious rainforests littered by concrete

Burn the cement until it melts into freedom


Do you see that tree thriving in summer sun?

Give your full awareness to her effervescent stillness

Love for flora will be returned in kind,

Intertwined leafy branches touch your heart presenting their absolute gratitude

The bush

The flower

The leaf

The petal

Blades of grass wave to all of us

Waving back, as simple as bestowing on them the entirety of your attention

for just even a moment

I may speak only one language, but I breathe universally

But I breathe

I breathe


Author: Russ Palmer Silberman


Have you ever seen and liked a Nazi?
Donald Trump
Incest is your thing?

Donald Trump
Anti-gay because you’re gay?

Donald Trump
Never finished high school?

Donald trump
Coal mining is a hobby?

Donald trump
Raping and pillaging?

Donald trump
Pillaging and reraping?

Donald trump
Can’t define the word pillaging?

Donald trump
Segregation and secession?

Donald trump
Confederate flag blankets?

Donald trump
Guns used as dildos?

Humpty hump

Donald trump
Fetuses can speak?

Donald trump
Believe in time travel?

So does Donald trump 

so go back to his mom’s house during her first trimester

And bring her a clothes hanger 

make America great again

Author: Anon E Mouse

A Promise from Now

High up on that book shelf, No

Higher up, still Higher



Here it is,

You were not looking for that but you have found this

Now You hold this,


Take this moment

Give this, these and those back

To where


What do I get?


Returning, it does not matter.

Its insignificance is significant for Everyone.

The others may not understand, comprehend and/or fathom

The others matter, too

They don’t get what they don’t get

You must understand.

Underestimating understanding ultimately leads unto dark,

Ignorance isn’t blissful if followed by brandished blasphemy

Can you feel that?

of course…

Off and on course are often synonymous

Do your thoughts hurt?

The sunlit pasture is beneath our feet,

The glare in your eyes

A promise



Author: Russ Palmer Silberman

Father’s Day Poem

Motivational speaker’s unspoken words

Care in his eyes put into yours

Onto better lives filled with lives left behind

Smiling prides of gratitude flocking my mind

Do not mind when he pushes he shoves as he shouts

intertwined loving souls priceless, forget all the bouts

About to be something while faithfully you

My Dad is everything beside personal youth

Parents Just Don’t Understand Scientology

Parents just don’t understand,


What is a Royale with cheese?



you had me at hello,

Scientology you complete me

Kirstie Ally

Giovani Ribisi

that chick from Swimfan

(Erika Christensen)

Dianetically correct

Give L Ron Hubbard your respect


S.C.I.E.N.T.O.L.O.G why?

To “Make America Great Again”

Donald trump tries to make America hate again

I don’t understand


or Republicans.

I guess I’m a hypocrite for hating what I just don’t understand

Texting Your Mom and Driving | EXPLICIT

Texting your mom and driving is perfect and ok.

Not my mom but your mom.

and she likes it when I say,

“I’m a motherfucker fuck your mother withOUT a rubber, give your son a sister and/or a new brother”

Then she replies,

“It’s alright, it’s ok

I’m a kind-of-hot-for-my-age divorcĂ©e

Let your member become a member of my members only club.

Stick your ticket deep inside of my

stub-i-ly hub.

FYI, the club’s inside, of my vagina

I’m a fan of metaphors, I’m on all fours

Cum inside of my vagina.”

Author: Anon E Mouse

Present Present

The present can be a present

feel pleasant and or fluorescent

smiling peasants sense your presence in their iridescent prescience

You present your descent unless your

ascent feels decent

If you’re resenting your Ascension

you’re descending at attention

saluting to your suspension

diluting pay to pension

If you’re accepting presentation

of this social masturbation

you can reach above your station

be semi-proud of your nation?

Communisms Patriotic

Your live nation is bionic

Altruistic gin and tonic

along with braille hooked on phonics

Practice extroverted penmanship.

Introvert your valid friendships

True friends are a rarity

dead ends and disparity

he said she said, bullshit

gossip here say, Bullshit

Negativity abrasion can be positively praising and be presently the craving and irreverently phasing

Author: Anon E Mouse