Basket of Deplorables, a Love Story

Basket of deplorable personas

People right up until nurture took over for human nature

Tell me about blood shed before you routed the roots of your family tree

Bleeding over a fear of change and knowing no repercussions

No laws, all freedom? Ignorance spread over wild bond fires binding those who followed the herd that followed what was heard from those that never listened.

History repeats due to consistent inconsistencies in force fed beliefs believed by those temporarily powerful

Toppling towers to tip the balance



Break the barriers of love, language,


We are all the same perfect person with immaterial imperfections

The farmer shows his blemishes, his scarred, scared hands

to the CEO who then shows her own blemishes, her broken heart

They share this with each other growing love for one another

Then look into the mirror realizing the sister and brother walking the bridge together(hand in hand) are family

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