Universal Breath

Dream a dream to never die

The dreams I have

I can’t disguise,

Before the sun is long above

Beach waves shimmer out pure love

Pour your poor soul into the thermos

Maintaining its God given temperature and viscosity

Pillage a mansion to reawaken rooms

Once told stories may become stories untold if lost within the universal landfill

Glorious rainforests littered by concrete

Burn the cement until it melts into freedom


Do you see that tree thriving in summer sun?

Give your full awareness to her effervescent stillness

Love for flora will be returned in kind,

Intertwined leafy branches touch your heart presenting their absolute gratitude

The bush

The flower

The leaf

The petal

Blades of grass wave to all of us

Waving back, as simple as bestowing on them the entirety of your attention

for just even a moment

I may speak only one language, but I breathe universally

But I breathe

I breathe


Author: Russ Palmer Silberman

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