Have you ever seen and liked a Nazi?
Donald Trump
Incest is your thing?

Donald Trump
Anti-gay because you’re gay?

Donald Trump
Never finished high school?

Donald trump
Coal mining is a hobby?

Donald trump
Raping and pillaging?

Donald trump
Pillaging and reraping?

Donald trump
Can’t define the word pillaging?

Donald trump
Segregation and secession?

Donald trump
Confederate flag blankets?

Donald trump
Guns used as dildos?

Humpty hump

Donald trump
Fetuses can speak?

Donald trump
Believe in time travel?

So does Donald trump 

so go back to his mom’s house during her first trimester

And bring her a clothes hanger 

make America great again

Author: Anon E Mouse

Present Present

The present can be a present

feel pleasant and or fluorescent

smiling peasants sense your presence in their iridescent prescience

You present your descent unless your

ascent feels decent

If you’re resenting your Ascension

you’re descending at attention

saluting to your suspension

diluting pay to pension

If you’re accepting presentation

of this social masturbation

you can reach above your station

be semi-proud of your nation?

Communisms Patriotic

Your live nation is bionic

Altruistic gin and tonic

along with braille hooked on phonics

Practice extroverted penmanship.

Introvert your valid friendships

True friends are a rarity

dead ends and disparity

he said she said, bullshit

gossip here say, Bullshit

Negativity abrasion can be positively praising and be presently the craving and irreverently phasing

Author: Anon E Mouse