Peer Pressure


Don’t go to school
Play with matches
Throw rocks at cars,
Throwing rocks is cool

People invented rocks to throw them

Why else would there be, so many rocks?

God created cars to throw rocks at

That’s why cars have windows, so throw some fucking rocks


Don’t go to school
Eat lots of candy
Don’t learn how to swim
Jump in a pool

Standing in the pool with your shirt on

Eating packets of sugar like a boss


Don’t go to school
Watch R rated movies
Talk to strangers
Strangers have candy

Eating candy with strangers in a pool

Watching snuff films in HD

Ain’t no Snuffleupagus here
He’s not cool, but you know what is?
The warm feeling in the pool when you pee

Author: Anon E Mouse

As You’re Told | EXPLICIT

When they went to the beach there was nothing left

Everyone was there

Everyone Was

They ate the life from The Sea until it became an ocean to cross

Othersided we walk

You’ve seen the pathways

You have run upon them

not on them.

can’t have them

Above and beyond is not always open and wide

Vacuum clean imagined futures until hypothetically palpable

Climb a tangent until you broke the branch

Break the branch off

Is dinner over.

May I be excused?

Curtsy like the facetious fuck that you are

Slightly pulling skirts up can be believed courteous while known to falsify the norms of courtesy

Breath into a brown paper bag insulated by plastic

Suffocated life as an orange dripping juices

punctuated sponge

Spangle the banner

Right until seeing stars,

Up above what?


that’s a good boy

Do unto others as you’re told to do

Because I said,”so”.

Author: Russ Palmer Silberman


Have you ever seen and liked a Nazi?
Donald Trump
Incest is your thing?

Donald Trump
Anti-gay because you’re gay?

Donald Trump
Never finished high school?

Donald trump
Coal mining is a hobby?

Donald trump
Raping and pillaging?

Donald trump
Pillaging and reraping?

Donald trump
Can’t define the word pillaging?

Donald trump
Segregation and secession?

Donald trump
Confederate flag blankets?

Donald trump
Guns used as dildos?

Humpty hump

Donald trump
Fetuses can speak?

Donald trump
Believe in time travel?

So does Donald trump 

so go back to his mom’s house during her first trimester

And bring her a clothes hanger 

make America great again

Author: Anon E Mouse

Texting Your Mom and Driving | EXPLICIT

Texting your mom and driving is perfect and ok.

Not my mom but your mom.

and she likes it when I say,

“I’m a motherfucker fuck your mother withOUT a rubber, give your son a sister and/or a new brother”

Then she replies,

“It’s alright, it’s ok

I’m a kind-of-hot-for-my-age divorcée

Let your member become a member of my members only club.

Stick your ticket deep inside of my

stub-i-ly hub.

FYI, the club’s inside, of my vagina

I’m a fan of metaphors, I’m on all fours

Cum inside of my vagina.”

Author: Anon E Mouse